Current students

Ph.D. students

# Name Status Research topic
A. R. Anand In progress
Development of miniaturized loop heat pipe system
Venkat Raghavendra In progress
Co-guide: Dr. Pramod Kumar
Thermal management with loop heat pipe coupled with phase change materials
Sandip Sarkar In progress Processing of steels with electromagnetic stirring
Jayee K. Varghese In progress Jet impingement cooling of pin fin heat sinks
Avinash Dash In progress Design and simulation of scroll expander for small scale organic Rankine cycle based CSP plants
Sagar Khivsara In progress
M.Sc. Engg. 2014
Continuing for Ph.D.
Modeling and simulation of CO2 based solar receivers
Sayuj S. In progress
Co-guide: Prof. K. P. J. Reddy
Development of solar air receivers
Aswin N. In progress Adsorption based thermal storage

M.Sc. Engineering (renamed as M.Tech - Research)

# Name Status Research topic
Sarthak Sharma In progress Experimental study of conventional and unconventional turbomachinery expanders in organic Rankine cycle

Masters in Engineering students

# Name Status Research topic
Anil Verma In progress Modelling, design and fabrication of flat plate solar collector with integral fin extruded aluminium tubes