Research Activities

  • Solar Thermal technologies
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)
  • Advanced cooling technologies (adsorption cooling, loop heat pipes, phase change materials)
  • Semi-solid materials processing, Squeeze Casting, advanced technologies for light weighting

Sponsored Projects

# Project Title Funding Agency Duration
Development of High Efficiency Receiver for Supercritical CO2 Integrated with Static Focus Parabolic Dish (PI) MNRE 2016–2018
lntegral Fin Extruded Aluminium Flat Plate Solar Water Heater DST, Aditya Birla 2015–2017
Chemi-Sorption Thermal Energy Storage - Application of Metal Hydrides DST 2015–2018
Solar Cooling and Production of Potable Water with Two Stage Silica Gel Water Adsorption System (PI) DST 2012–2015
Solar Energy Research Institute for India and the United States (SERIIUS) – a consortium under the Joint Clean Energy Research and Development Centre (JCERDC) (Co-PI) Govt. of India (DST & DBT),
US Government (DOE)
Development of a Mechanistic Model for Shrinkage Prediction (PI) General Motors, USA 2010–2014
Facility for Rheo Pressure Die Casting DST 2010–2013
Process Development in Semisolid Forming & Squeeze Casting of Aluminium Alloy Components for Automobiles (PI) Consortium project with TIFAC, TVS Motors, Sundaram Clayton Ltd., Mahindra and Mahindra 2008–2012
Microstructural characterization of aluminium alloy billets cast in a linear electromagnetic stirrer (PI) DST, Ministry of Mines 2008–2011
Study of Die Filling during Semisolid Casting of Aluminium Components (PI) DST, Ministry of Mines 2008–2012
Determination of Parameters for Semi Solid Processing of Aluminium Billets (PI) DST 2007–2008
Role of Solid Phase Movement & Re-melting on Macro Segregation in Binary Alloys Solidification Process (PI) General Motors, USA 2005–2009
National Facility for Semi-Solid Forming (Co-PI) Ministry of Mines, DST, DRDO 2001–2007
Incabin and Underhood Thermal Analysis (PI) Tata Motors 2005–2007
Use of phase change materials for cooling of automotive electronics (PI) Delphi 2005
Microstructure and modelling of the fusion zone during welding of Al-Mg castings to Al-Mg extrusions (PI) General Motors, USA 2001–2004
Development of Support System for Cooling of Electronic Equipment (Co-PI) DRDO 2001–2005
Modelling of Transport Phenomena during Laser Surface Alloying of Dissimilar Metals (PI) CSIR 1999–2002
A Finite-Volume Based Computational Procedure for Calculation of Radiation Heat Transfer in Spacecraft Application (PI) ISRO 1997–1999
Process Modelling and Evaluation of Weld Metal Microstructures and Properties in GTA and GMA Welding (PI) DST 1997–2000

Total value of funded projects: Rs.40 crores

Industrial Consultancy

# Title Client Duration
Thermal Management of Phase Control Modules used in Radar LRDE (DRDO) 2006
Thermal and Mechanical Design of Electronic Equipment HCL Technologies, Bangalore 2006–2008
Evaluation of Cooling Tower Performance RVUNL Kota, Rajasthan 2005
Evaluation of Cooling Tower Performance Paharpur Cooling Tower, Kolkata 2004–2005
Training on Thermodynamics of Power Plant and Cooling Towers Karnataka Power Corporation Ltd., Raichur 2004
Training on CFD for Data Centre Modelling and Design Hewlett Packarad, Bangalore 2003
Radiation Heat Transfer Model for Wire-rod Mill Furnace Automation Tata Steel, Jamshedpur 2000
Thermal Evaluation and Study of Identical Aluminium Frame and Plastic Frame Double Glaze Windows to find out U-values Aluminium Association of India 1998