Biomechanics Laboratory
Namrata Gundiah
Department of Mechanical Engineering, IISc, Bangalore.

Research interests in the laboratory mainly lie in the broad areas of tissue biomechanics, cell mechanobiology and biomaterials & biomimetics. The overall goals include applying methods in mechanics to understand and quantify biological systems. At the scale of tissues, we use methods in nonlinear mechanics, viscoelasticity, and poroelasticity to quantify the properties of naturally occurring biomaterials and those fabricated using synthetic polymers. Specific systems of interest lie in arterial mechanics and in insect based biomaterials. We use advanced imaging techniques, molecular biology tools and mechanical characterization in our studies.


July, 2016

  • Ankur and Vikram's work featured in Deccan Herald. Deccan Herald Article

  • April, 2016

  • Congratulations to Vikram, Ankur and Aniket for acceptance of their paper in Plos One!

  • December,2015

  • Namrata teaches at the DST-SERB school in Insect Biology.DST-SERB
  • Congrats to Ankur Kulkarni who will present his work at the Biophysical Society in Los Angeles in February, 2016
  • Congrats to Nandan and Siddhartha whose abstract is accepted for presentation at Eccomas.   ECCOMAS 2016

  • September,2015

  • New grant on studying coffee wood stem borers (CWSB) funded by the Central Coffee Research Institute.Coffee Board
  • Pranav and Suchi's work featured in Deccan Herald and also on IISc Research Media Page. Deccan Herald Article    IISc Research Media Article

  • August,2015

  • Indo-US STF in Irvine, California attended by Namrata and co-organized a session on "Biomechanical basis of Animal behavior" . Also presented work at UC, San Diego.
  • Heartiest Congratulations to Dr. Lakshminath Kundanati who defended his work! He starts as a postdoc research fellow with Prof. Nicola Pugno,University of Trento, Italy from October 2015.

  • July,2015

    Namrata presented work at the European Solid Mechanics meeting in Madrid, Spain.


    Namrata presents work at the Soft tissue mechanics meeting in Glasgow, UK.


    Souvari Bhattacharya tragically passes away in a road accident.Obituary


    Anju Babu submits her doctoral thesis titled "Role of microstructure in the mechanics of soft matter"


    Lakshminath submits his doctoral thesis titled "Mechanics of insect based materials"


    Congratulations to Anju Babu for the WCB, DST and CSIR travel grants to attend the World Congress on Biomechanics meeting in Boston.
    She will present her work on "Failure mechanisms during dissection of human ascending aorta".


    Lakshminath's nice work on "Biomechanics of Substrate Boring by Fig Wasps" has been featured by several news outlets and is the Editor's choice paper in Journal of Experimental Biology.
    A few of the links are included below. Check them out! National Geographic, Popular Mechanics, AAAS Science Update, Hindu newspaper, Txchnologist, ABC Science, Inside JEB, and many more sites.

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